Empowered Leaders

Empowered Leaders

Transformed Communities

Transformed Communities

Global One80 is a leadership and community development initiative modeled around the life of Jesus.

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leaders to initiate a process of inner transformation.

  • To transform communities, we identify emerging and expanding leaders through the following process:

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in the lives of leaders to increase potential.

  • The selected leaders will have an initial assessment to design a comprehensive leadership development plan to define the allocation of resources and skills that are needed.
  • The areas of investment include the following:

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initiatives to impact communities.

  • The anticipated outcome for Global One80 leaders is to develop an Impact Initiative (I2) Project that will transform communities.
  • They will focus on Social Development and/or Faith-based Ministries, in the following categories:

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Mission Statement

To empower leaders who are committed to implement initiatives that will transform communities, One life at a time.

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Help us make a difference in communities around the world, One life at a time!

Through your engagement together we can make a difference, that would bring joy and hope to someone.

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